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The Prevention and Treatment Of Gum Disease

My name is Hal Martin and at my last dental checkup my dentist told me that I had gum disease. My dentist gave me instructions about what I needed to do so that the gum disease wouldn't get worse and turn into periodontal disease. When I returned home, I immediately began learning everything I could about gum disease by reading dental articles online. I sure didn't want it to get worse so I knew that I needed to take action right away. In this blog, you'll learn all about gum disease including what it is, the causes and how you can help prevent it. I wanted to write this blog to get the word out to as many people about gum disease to hopefully help others have healthy gums.


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Tips for Identifying a Dental Abscess

A dental abscess can cause a lot of pain around the tooth that is infected, which may even seem like you have a toothache. That's why it's a good idea to understand the signs that you actually have a dental abscess that will require help from your dentist to fix.

Odd Tastes

It's possible that you notice an odd taste in your mouth. This is caused by the abscess since it has a puss that can potentially leak out and affect your taste buds. If you ever experience an odd taste that is happening at the same time as dental pain, the two may actually be related.

Try using a saltwater rinse to clean out your mouth. The saltwater solution tends to draw out an infection, and help relieve the odd taste that you are experiencing. This is all thanks to the antimicrobial properties of salt. However, don't mistake this as an alternative to seeing a dentist treat the problem.

A dentist will help identify the abscess and prescribe you an antibiotic to take if necessary. Antibiotics will need to be taken in their entirety as prescribed, and not stopped at the first indication that the abscess has been healed. 

Tonsil Swelling and Pain

If your tonsils are bothering you because of pain, take a look at them in the mirror to see if they're swelling and red in color as well. This is caused by the abscess spreading to your throat and affecting your tonsils, where they can even obstruct your airway in an extreme situation. You may be tempted to visit a doctor to help fix this problem, but a dentist may do a better job. If the tonsil swelling and pain is accompanied by tooth pain and the odd taste, it could all be related.

Nerve Irritation

A dental abscess in the upper teeth can affect your facial nerves in some situations. It can cause parts of your face to become numb, tingle, or even having a pricking or burning sensation on your face. All of these symptoms can be resolved by treating the abscess with antibiotics, and will eventually go away when treatment is successful.

Not sure if you have a dental abscess? Visit your dentist and have your mouth inspected for problems. You may be surprised at how easy a dental abscess can be resolved when working with a professional that specializes in oral health.

To learn more about dental abscesses and treatments use this link.