The Prevention and Treatment Of Gum DiseaseThe Prevention and Treatment Of Gum Disease

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The Prevention and Treatment Of Gum Disease

My name is Hal Martin and at my last dental checkup my dentist told me that I had gum disease. My dentist gave me instructions about what I needed to do so that the gum disease wouldn't get worse and turn into periodontal disease. When I returned home, I immediately began learning everything I could about gum disease by reading dental articles online. I sure didn't want it to get worse so I knew that I needed to take action right away. In this blog, you'll learn all about gum disease including what it is, the causes and how you can help prevent it. I wanted to write this blog to get the word out to as many people about gum disease to hopefully help others have healthy gums.


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Obtain Whiter Teeth And A Beautiful Smile When Your Dentist Treats Your Discolored Teeth

Many people have less than sparkling white teeth, which makes them somewhat embarrassed when they're in public settings and have to speak. Unfortunately, the aging process, dieting, and oral habits stain teeth. Social habits you practice leave stains and discolor your teeth. Even antibiotics and medications can also stain your teeth. The fact is that discolored teeth detracts from what could be a beautiful smile. You can obtain whiter teeth and a beautiful smile by having your dentist treat your discolored teeth. Read on to learn more about discolored teeth, why they're a problem, and what you can do get a whiter smile.

What Causes Discolored Teeth?

You might not think about the fact that the food you eat or beverages that you drink are staining your teeth. Blueberries, for instance, build up a stain on all your teeth if you eat them regularly. It's a fact that this fruit is healthy for your body, but you must thoroughly clean your teeth after eating them or they will build up a stain over time. Smoking cigarettes destroys your lungs and cause other life-threatening illnesses, and smoking tobacco also stains your teeth. It gets even worse if you smoke a pipe since this activity builds up an unsightly thick brownish and black stain on your teeth. You also can develop bad breath when you smoke tobacco.

A Psychological Edge With Teeth Whitening

Healthy-looking teeth tells something about your overall health, and shiny white teeth also contributes to a healthy and youthful appearance. Healthy teeth gives you a psychological edge when they are clean and bright. You'll find yourself engaging in more conversations, and you won't be trying to use your hands to cover your mouth when you're speaking. Yes, your new and beautiful white teeth present a positive impact when you communicate with people during your social, financial, and business dealings. Your dentist can remove the stains so you can smile and speak with confidence.

Permanent Whitening Solutions

So you've tried over-the-counter products, but they haven't done the job of whitening your teeth. Your dentist has permanent whitening solutions, such as a bleaching gel that removes the stains. Dentists perform the treatments with the aid of high-tech dental light systems to ensure you're obtaining the effect that will successfully whiten your teeth. You'll be receiving compliments in the future about your improved smile from those you know and even from strangers.

Consultation Appointment 

Talk to your dentist about any concerns that you may have about having this procedure done. You'll be seen first in consultation before the teeth whitening procedure is done so that an assessment can be made of your teeth condition. A treatment plan will then be designed, and the procedure will be described in full to you.