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My name is Hal Martin and at my last dental checkup my dentist told me that I had gum disease. My dentist gave me instructions about what I needed to do so that the gum disease wouldn't get worse and turn into periodontal disease. When I returned home, I immediately began learning everything I could about gum disease by reading dental articles online. I sure didn't want it to get worse so I knew that I needed to take action right away. In this blog, you'll learn all about gum disease including what it is, the causes and how you can help prevent it. I wanted to write this blog to get the word out to as many people about gum disease to hopefully help others have healthy gums.


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Has Smoking Given You Yellow Teeth? Remove The Tobacco Stains With These At-Home Whitening Methods

If you are a smoker, you likely already know that tobacco can cause yellow stains to develop on your teeth. However, this isn't something that you have to live with. There are many different ways to whiten your teeth. But if you are on a budget, you may be looking to whiten your teeth at home. Here are a few different ways to remove tobacco stains from teeth using at-home teeth whitening methods.

Baking Soda

One of the best ways to remove tobacco stains from your teeth is to brush them with baking soda. Baking soda is abrasive. This allows it to scrub away tough or set-in stains. Follow these directions to whiten your teeth using baking soda:

  1. Mix one tablespoon of baking soda with 1/2 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide. If your paste is too thin, add a bit more baking soda. If it is too thick, add a bit more hydrogen peroxide. If you don't have hydrogen peroxide, you can use water. But hydrogen peroxide has antibacterial properties to keep your mouth cleaner.
  2. Add a pea-sized drop of the paste to your toothbrush. Brush your teeth as you normally would.
  3. Cover the paste so it doesn't dry out and store it.
  4. Brush your teeth using this paste daily until the stains lift.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has many health benefits associated with it. But you may not realize that it can also be used to whiten teeth. Apple cider vinegar is acidic, which helps it break down tooth stains, such as those caused by tobacco usage. Follow these directions to whiten your teeth using apple cider vinegar:

  1. Upon waking up, pour a small amount of apple cider vinegar into your mouth. If the taste is too strong, dilute it with water. However, the more diluted it is, the less effective it will be.
  2. Gargle the vinegar in your mouth for 30 to 60 seconds, making sure to swish it over your teeth. Spit the vinegar out.
  3. Brush your teeth as you normally would. If desired, you can use your baking soda paste in conjunction with apple cider vinegar. However, the paste should only be used once a week, rather than daily. Apple cider vinegar is acidic and baking soda is abrasive. Using both daily can cause the enamel to wear on your teeth.

Lemon and Salt

The last way you can attempt to remove tobacco stains from your teeth and whiten them in the process is to use lemon juice and salt. Follow these directions to whiten your teeth with salt and lemon juice:

  1. Mix one teaspoon of table salt with two teaspoons of fresh squeezed lemon juice to form a paste.
  2. Use your clean fingers or a toothbrush to apply the paste to your teeth. Try to get as much of the paste on your teeth, not your gums. Salt can irritate your gums, causing a burning sensation. 
  3. Allow the paste to sit on your teeth for a few minutes. If burning occurs, rinse the mixture away immediately.
  4. Rinse your mouth with clean water to remove the paste. Repeat this process twice a week for the best results.

If your teeth have yellowed due to smoking, there are different ways you can attempt to whiten them at home. Baking soda, apple cider vinegar and lemon and salt are just a few of the ways you can attempt to get tobacco stains to lift from your teeth. Unfortunately, not all stains will lift. If you have been a smoker for years, these stains can be deep and set-in. In such cases, professional teeth whitening may be needed. Consult with a cosmetic dentist, such as Bonnie S Marshall, to see what can be done about removing stains that you can't lift on your own.